Vert Energy Group Engineers Reviewing Blueprints

Vert [vurt], (noun)

  1. the heraldic color green

Vert Energy Group (noun)

  1. A privately owned organization of professional services that serves to help reduce environmental impact and improve operating efficiency with the fundamental goal of increasing sustainability and profits.

Company Vision

Vert Energy Group exists to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and businesses, and to give them the tools to make it easier to accomplish.

Company Mission

Vert Energy Group challenges the status quo of energy efficient and sustainable building practices, and makes it simple for building operators to transform their properties and businesses.

About Us

Guided by its Vision and Mission, Vert Energy Group empowers building owners to take control of their facilities to increase profitability and operate more efficiently and sustainably.  We develop custom strategies to maximize the efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of building operations. 

Vert Energy Group is turn-key energy service and engineering company, recognized for superior technical expertise and innovative solutions for energy efficiency and building modernization. As an independent and third-party engineering firm, Vert Energy Group is committed to developing and implementing unbiased and vendor-neutral building improvement projects.

Our goal is not just to think differently from other engineering firms and energy service providers, but to actually be different. We live up to this goal and make it obvious in everything we do, from the initial contact with new clients, to the delivery of our services, and through the long-lasting relationships we develop with our clients.



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Energy Management & Building Modernization

Vert Energy Group helps commercial and industrial building operators develop and implement strategies that save energy, upgrade building equipment and increase property value.

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Our 4-Step Process

1. Energy Efficiency Audit

2. Engineering and Due Diligence

3. Develop Request for Proposal Package

4. Construction Management & Commissioning

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