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This page is intended to solve the frequently asked questions we receive and inspire new ideas to help you reach your own energy management goals.

Energy Management AND Modernization

Best-Practice Strategies for improving the energy performance of buildings and systems.

In this video we discuss why it is important to look at building modernization opportunities when planning your energy saving upgrades. This is a new approach to the standard Energy Management Plan (EMP) that can be labeled an Energy Management and Modernization Plan (EMMP).

Questions answered:

  1. What are the goals of a well-defined energy saving plan?
  2. Why is building modernization so important?
  3. What are the benefits of looking at energy efficiency and building modernization at the same time?
  4. Is it common for energy service companies to include building modernization in an energy management plan?


Implementing Energy Saving and Building Upgrades

Best-Practice Strategies implementing Energy Management and Modernization Plans.

In this video we discuss the steps involved and best practices for implementing an Energy Efficiency and Building Modernization Plan.

Step 1: Energy Audit & Scoping Study
Step 2: Engineering and Due Diligence
Step 3: Develop Request for Proposal Package
Step 4: Construction Management and Commissioning


Third Party Energy Efficiency Implementation versus ESCO

Cost-effective, unbiased, energy saving strategies and project management.

In this video we discuss the benefits of using a third-party energy engineering firm to help identify and implement energy saving upgrades. We also give an overview of what an Energy Service Company (ESCO) is and the advantages/disadvantages.

Questions answered:

  1. What are common strategies for implementing energy efficiency projects?
  2. What is an Energy Service Company (ESCO)?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the ESCO model?
  4. What is third-party energy consulting?
  5. How can Vert Energy Group help me?


Vert Energy Group Introduction Video


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Energy Management & Building Modernization

Vert Energy Group helps commercial and industrial building operators develop and implement strategies that save energy, upgrade building equipment and increase property value.

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Our 4-Step Process

1. Energy Efficiency Audit

2. Engineering and Due Diligence

3. Develop Request for Proposal Package

4. Construction Management & Commissioning

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