Corporate Efficiency Program

Vert Energy Group’s Corporate Efficiency Program helps commercial real estate companies develop and implement custom, efficiency-focused sustainability programs.

The goal of the Corporate Efficiency Program, is to improve portfolio-wide Profits, Asset Value and Investor Returns.

While other sustainability programs focus on waste management and recycling, our economic-first approach focuses on facility and operational efficiency improvements, that reduce on-going utility and maintenance costs – thus contributing to higher Net Operating Income and EBITDA Margins


Commercial Real Estate Market Shift and Opportunity:


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The Problem

The economy is uncertain and building owners are hesitant to invest in anything they do not have to.  As a result, energy efficiency opportunities must be designed and packaged in a way so as to serve each owner’s specific business objectives, which often changes from time to time.

Some owners care about enhancing their CSR/sustainability image, and are willing to make an investment to go for LEED.  Others just focus on the economics, and depending on if they are short or long-term owners, we need to identify specific projects that yield the greatest increases in asset value or cash flow, respectively.

Each property, owner, tenant and situation is unique, and requires a strategic, customized approach.

This is why Vert Energy Group developed the Corporate Efficiency Program.  To better serve the needs and interests of building owners, and to overcome the many problems stagnating their growth, such as:

  • Staying at the “Low Hanging Fruit” Level (1-2yr payback, LEDs)
  • Deeper Savings Opportunities = More Complex & Risks
  • Poor/No Due Diligence = Bad Decisions = Wasted Money
  • Missed Opportunities (Tax Credits, Rebates, “OPM” Funding)
  • Unclear/No Long-Term Strategies for Each Property
  • Limited Property-Level Support

Our Solution

The Corporate Efficiency Program provides building Owners, Investors and Management Companies a unique opportunity to modernize their properties, reduce operating costs and achieve sustainability goals, with a more cost-effective and streamlined process.

Our 5-step Corporate Efficiency Program can be used to enhance your existing energy or sustainability program, or we can help develop a new customized program, from concept to completion, and beyond.  Vert Energy Group uses a proprietary two-pronged approach to improve your business, from the top-down:

Corporate-Level Efficiency Program:

  • Step 1: Develop Program Mission, Goals and Tools

Property-Level Efficiency Plans:

  • Step 2: Identify, Assess and Prioritize Portfolio Opportunities
  • Step 3: Develop Custom Efficiency Plans for Each Property
  • Step 4: Implement Efficiency Plans
  • Step 5: Implement On-Going Plans and Corporate Communication

Using industry best practices for managing energy and water costs, Vert Energy Group developed a streamlined process and tools for improving building efficiency and profitability, at the portfolio-scale.  Contact us to learn more about our process and services included in the Corporate Efficiency Program.


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Our Approach: Energy Management + Building Modernization

While energy management is generally considered to be “optional” for many building owners, it can be used as a strategy to address other increasing facility urgencies.

We believe there is an increasing % of aging building stock that requires unique, technical attention.  By integrating the solving of mandatory modernization “needs”, with energy efficiency and other appropriate sustainability measures, a building owner has the opportunity to take advantage of “free money” opportunities that would not otherwise be available.


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Turn-Key Project Development and Implementation

Vert Energy Group will help identify the best ROI opportunities, across your portfolio, with a proprietary Portfolio Efficiency Assessment tool (Step 2 & 3).  We can then facilitate an entire project from concept to completion, with minimal time or effort required from your building management (Step 4).  As a part of the Corporate Efficiency Program, we will also develop an On-Going Efficiency Management Plan to ensure your properties are running at optimal levels (Step 5).

NOTE: While the details of the 5-steps of the Corporate Efficiency Program are proprietary, the video below highlights some aspects of how we can take your efficiency and modernization projects from concept to completion.  However, not all services included in the Corporate Efficiency Program are shown in the following informational video:


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To learn more about the Corporate Efficiency Program, and to see if it’s a good fit for your business right now, contact us to set up a time to talk.

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Energy Management & Building Modernization

Vert Energy Group helps commercial and industrial building operators develop and implement strategies that save energy, upgrade building equipment and increase property value.

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