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Program Overview

The Five Star Efficiency program was developed by Vert Energy Group as a part of its vision to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and businesses, and to give them the tools to make it easier to accomplish. This program challenges the status quo of energy management and sustainability practices in hotels, and makes it simple for Hoteliers to reach their sustainability goals and improve their bottom line.

Five Star Efficiency simplifies the process to develop and implement strategies that reduce operating costs, enhance the look of hotels, and improve the way guest experiences their stay. This program provides Hoteliers with the road-map, tools, and guidance to easily customize and implement projects that optimize their efficiency and sustainability, without having to dedicate a great deal time or money to the process.

Using a proprietary five-step process, Five-Star Efficiency creates custom energy management and sustainability plans. This process allows Hoteliers to use industry best practices to make well-informed decisions, minimize all risks, and maximize the benefits realized.

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How it Works

Five Star Efficiency uses the industry’s best practices and technologies to design an actionable plan that aligns with your hotel’s specific needs, goals, and operations. While the program is scalable for multiple locations, a custom plan is created for each hotel since they all have their own unique challenges and opportunities. This plan is fully developed and implemented through the program’s five-step process, where hotels earn a “Star” for each step completed.

Star 1: Energy Benchmark, Analysis, & Scorecard
Star 2: Energy Audit, Planning, & Design
Star 3: Project Implementation & Verification
Star 4: On-Going Efficiency Management Plan
Star 5: Annual Energy Management Review, Planning, & Budgeting

This unique process is the backbone of the Five Star Efficiency program. The hotel designates their Sustainability Leaders whom decide which elements, services and upgrades go into their project. Throughout the process, the program’s Sustainability Team provides guidance to develop the best implementation strategy and then executes it with, or on behalf of, the Sustainability Leaders.

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