Star 1: Energy Benchmark, Analysis & Scorecard

The Five Star Efficiency program begins with Star 1, “Energy Benchmark, Analysis & Scorecard”, and provides Hoteliers with powerful insights about how well their hotel is performing now, and determines if the property is a viable candidate to continue through the program.

The Energy Benchmark, Analysis & Scorecard indicates the extent of cost-saving opportunities and necessary modernization upgrades that exist for a specific hotel. This study also provides a comprehensive snapshot of how efficiently the hotel is currently operating and can identify specific energy efficiency measures that merit further investigation.

The Star 1: Energy Benchmark, Analysis, & Scorecard includes the following sections:

  • Star 1 Scorecard
  • Executive Summary
  • Energy Profile Analysis
  • ENERGY STAR® Benchmark Summary
  • Existing Conditions & Opportunities Summary

You can download a sample of the Star 1 Scorecard by clicking the image to the right.  This sample does not include the all of the sections listed above.  You can request the full version by emailing us at

You have questions, and Star 1 will provide answers to…

  • How energy efficient is my hotel right now?
  • Are there a lot of savings opportunities at my hotel?
  • If I do make upgrades, will it likely take a short or long time to payback?

Services included:

  • ENERGY STAR® Energy Benchmark
  • Existing Conditions & Opportunities Assessment
  • Energy Profile Analysis

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