Five Star Efficiency (beta) Program

Apply to be Beta Pioneer Hotel

Vert Energy Group is looking for a limited number of hotels, who are motivated to make energy efficient and modernization improvements, to participate in the Five Star Efficiency (beta) Program. Applications from qualified hotels will officially be accepted starting August 1, 2014. For more information, or to download the application, fill out the form on the right.

About Five Star Efficiency

The Five Star Efficiency program challenges the status quo of energy management and sustainability practices in hotels, and makes it simple for Hoteliers to transform their properties and businesses.  Five Star Efficiency simplifies the process to develop and implement strategies that reduce operating costs, improve guest experiences, and modernize their properties.  Developed by Vert Energy Group, a leading energy services company, the Five Star Efficiency program provides the road-map, tools, and guidance to easily implement the best practices of optimizing a building’s efficiency and sustainability.

Five Star Efficiency utilizes a proprietary five-step process, and hotels earn a “Star” for each step completed.

1-Star: Energy Benchmark & Scorecard
2-Star: Energy Audit, Road-map, & Design
3-Star: Project Management & Implementation
4-Star: On-going Efficiency Management Plan
5-Star: Annual Energy Management Review, Planning, & Budgeting

Beta Pioneer Hotel Benefits

As a Five Star Efficiency Beta Pioneer Hotel, you will have the unique opportunity to experience and influence a new proprietary process developed specifically for the hospitality industry. You will have the exclusive opportunity to:

  • Be seen as innovator and leader in your industry by providing your suggestions, ideas and opinions about a program that will be made available to hotels nationwide in 2015.
  • Receive complimentary and discounted services that utilize the best technologies, incentives, and financing programs available to reduce costs and improve your hotel.
  • Take advantage of a proprietary process that increases energy and modernization project savings by 10-15%, while decreasing project costs by 5-10%.
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Energy Management & Building Modernization

Vert Energy Group helps commercial and industrial building operators develop and implement strategies that save energy, upgrade building equipment and increase property value.

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Our 4-Step Process

1. Energy Efficiency Audit

2. Engineering and Due Diligence

3. Develop Request for Proposal Package

4. Construction Management & Commissioning

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