The Five Star Efficiency 5-Step Process

Five Star Efficiency LogoStar 1: Energy Benchmark, Analysis, & Scorecard

The Five Star Efficiency program begins with Star 1, “Energy Benchmark, Analysis, & Scorecard”, and provides Hoteliers with powerful insights about how well their hotel is performing now, and determines if the property is a viable candidate to continue through the program. The Energy Benchmark, Analysis, & Scorecard indicates the extent of cost-saving opportunities and necessary modernization upgrades that exist for a specific hotel.
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Star 2: Energy Audit, Planning, & Design

Star 2, “Energy Audit, Planning, & Design”, is the development of an implementation-ready Energy Management & Modernization Plan (EMMP) designed to achieve the greatest financial return and to meet the hotel’s sustainability goals and modernization needs. The Sustainability Team conducts a comprehensive analysis to identify all cost-effective energy and water saving opportunities, in addition to eligible rebates and financing options to fund the project. Responsibilities and timelines are then set to form short and long-term implementation strategies.

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Star 3: Project Implementation & Verification

Following a rigorous Request for Proposal process, the hotel’s management team, the Sustainability Leaders, choose their preferred vendors and installation contractors. Five Star Efficiency’s Sustainability Team will then facilitate the implementation of the project and ensure it is completed on-time, on-budget and, most importantly, that the project goals and objectives are achieved. A primary goal of Star 3 is to save the Sustainability Leader’s time and maximize the project value.

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Star 4: On-Going Efficiency Management Plan (OEMP)

Following implementation of the Energy Management and Modernization Plan comes the development of an On-Going Energy Management Plan.  Five Star Efficiency’s Sustainability Team will establish long-term goals and responsibilities to maximize the value realized from the project.  The OEMP will serve as a tool-kit to continue to maximize equipment life, efficiency, and reliability, as well as serve as a user’s manual to assist with training Operations & Maintenance staff.

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Star 5: Annual Energy Management Review, Planning, & Budgeting

The Sustainability Team will conduct an annual review to ensure the hotel is running at optimal efficiency, help train new staff, and support energy-related budgeting efforts.  The Benchmark and Scorecard will also be updated to validate and quantify the benefits realized from the improvements.  If the Sustainability Leaders follow the On-Going Energy Management Plan, the hotel will receive a Five Star Efficiency plaque each year, signifying their commitment to sustainability.

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