New York City Local Law 87 – Energy Audits & Retro-commissioning

New York Local Law 87 - Vert Energy Group

NYC Local Law 87 Background:

New York City’s Local Law 87 (LL87) requires buildings over 50,000 gross square feet to have an approved engineering firm conduct an Energy Audit & Retro-commissioning study every 10 years, as well as submit an “Energy Efficiency Report” to the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) documenting the results.

The intent of this law is to give building owners a much more robust understanding of their buildings’ efficiency and opportunity to reduce energy costs.


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LL87 Tool: Energy Auditor Comparison Form

We always recommend obtaining at least 3 competitive bids for all new projects to ensure you make a well-informed decision. To help save you time during this process, we created a tool to help you efficiently compare all of the proposals you received.

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LL87 Requirements

There are 3 steps to comply with NYC Local Law 87:

  1. Energy Audit: A licensed engineering firm must conduct an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit.  An Energy Audit is a detailed survey and analysis of a building to identify all opportunities to reduce energy and water use. The end result is a report that details all potential energy and cost-saving measures. ASHRAE Energy Audits also include a detailed financial analysis for each recommendation.
  2. Retro-Commissioning (RCx):  Based on the findings of the Energy Audit, Vert Energy Group will conduct retro-commissioning study to identify deficiencies in your building’s base systems.  RCx ensures that building systems are operating in accordance with facility requirements and design intent.  The recommendations made in a RCx study are often low and no-cost energy saving and building modernization measures that pay back quickly.
  3. Submit Energy Efficiency Report (EER):  Following completion of the Energy Audit & Retro-Commissioning studies, Vert Energy Group will submit the EER to the NYC Department of Buildings on your behalf.  Vert Energy Group will also follow up with the City regularly to ensure your property is in compliance with LL87.

LL87 Enforcement Policy

The City is authorized to issue a violation for any listed building that has not filed an EER by December 31 of the year in which the EER is due. Failure to file by December 31 will result in a Class 2 violation and a penalty of $3,000 for the first year. Continued failure to file will result in additional violations on an annual basis of $5,000 for each subsequent year. The City will not accept outstanding EERs until penalties are paid in full.


Energy Audits and Retro-commissioning Compliance Deadlines

Starting with calendar year 2013, the first EERs for covered buildings will be due in the calendar year with a final digit that is the same as the last digit of the building’s tax block number, as illustrated in the chart below. The building’s energy audit and retro-commissioning work must be completed prior to filing the EER.

LL87 Deadline

Note: Properties with “5” as the last digit of their tax block number must comply with LL87 by December 31, 2015.


How to Comply:

Are you looking for help complying with the NYC Local Law 87 (LL87)?  We understand that this may be frustrating, and that you have more important things to do. This is why we are helping building operators take care of all Energy Audit and Benchmarking requirements, for LIFE!

If you’re the type of person who values tangible quality over cost alone, then we’re the right partner for you.  And by tangible quality, I mean working with an energy audit partner who:

  1. You trust;
  2. You enjoy working with;
  3. Saves you time;
  4. Reduces your risk;
  5. Doesn’t think differently, but is different.

If you’re looking for the peace-of-mind and confidence in the energy audit company you work with, call us at the number below so we can help make complying with this ordinance… EASY!

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Don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our recent clients had to say:


“I would like to thank Vert Energy Group for their professionalism with our energy audit. I really appreciate the follow through that the company provides. The weekly updates were great to receive as the audit progressed, and when I had questions I could call and get a quick response. The whole process went so smoothly.

 I had received four bids and then Vert Energy Group called me. The person who called was so professional, I decided to get that 5th bid. I am glad I did. I received Vert’s bid in a timely manner and I also liked the incentives Vert was providing, i.e., free benchmarking for 3 years, price-matching with the other bids, and a discount for us being a non-profit.

 You all are one company that believes in GREAT customer service!”

– Linda Cordova

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How Do We Make Complying with this Ordinance Easier?

As mentioned above, Vert Energy Group doesn’t just think differently, we are different.  We’ve perfected a proprietary process that:

  • Makes your life easier during this process;
  • Reduces your stress and gives your confidence;
  • Saves you time and money;
  • Eliminates all risk of penalties from non-compliance; and
  • Fosters a long-term relationship where we take care of ALL your future compliance deadlines.

If you would like an inside-look and see exactly how we do this for our clients, fill out the form below to request a free, no-obligation, written proposal AND video presentation.


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How to Find and Choose the Best Energy Audit Company

We surveyed commercial property owners, managers and engineering staff to share their experiences and advice with other people who are still looking for an energy audit company to work with.  Here are the 3 steps:

Step 1: Start Looking.

The first thing to do is simply start looking.  For someone who’s never looked for this type work before, it can be a little difficult knowing where to look.  Use online search engines or sk for referrals from colleagues, other building managers, or contractors who work on your own building.

Step 2: Get Multiple Bids from Qualified Companies.

 It’s recommended that you obtain at least three (3) proposals from companies who are qualified to do the energy audit.  The company you choose should be an independent engineering or consulting company, not a provider of specific products, such as an HVAC or lighting contractor.  Reason being, you want their recommendations to be 100% unbiased and not influenced by their specialty or ability to sell you their products after the energy audit is complete.

Step 3: Narrow Down Your Search.

The last step is to narrow down your search, based on what you value the most.  While cost is always important, we recommend that you also factor in the trustworthiness, response time to questions, and how confident you feel in them.  To get a sense of what it’s like to work with them, always ask to call references and/or see testimonials.  You can find our testimonials at,, and a call us to request our references.

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