Energy Efficiency ServicesVert Energy Group is your comprehensive solution for reducing energy costs and increasing profits.  We take a holistic approach that develops a strategy to reduce costs and one that aligns with your organization’s goals, objectives and budget.  Our team of engineers and consultants has extensive experience in all facets that improve efficiency and reduces costs, with a primary focus on energy.

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Energy Efficiency Audit

An energy efficiency audit is the first and most a critical step towards understanding how energy is being used, how it is being wasted, and how you can take control of future price increases.  This analysis defines and analyzes energy efficiency measures (EEM) for the purpose of developing a factual basis for budgeting capital projects.   Read more…


Project Implementation and Management

Vert Energy Group has extensive experience with energy efficiency and construction management and can assist your organization seamlessly implement building and equipment upgrades by serving as Owner’s Technical Representation (OTR).  Read more…


Green Building Certifications

Vert Energy Group will assist your company, non-profit or government agency in obtain a green building certification such as LEED®, Energy Star® or local “Green Business” certifications.  Read more…


Energy Broker

Vert Energy Group is an Energy Broker and has the ability to procure energy from alternative suppliers at lower rates.  Energy Deregulation allows businesses to shop around for their electricity and natural gas to find lower rates than their local utility charges, sometimes by 25% or more.  Read more…


Utility Bill Analysis

Commercial utility bills often contain overcharges and billing errors that almost always go undetected.  Anytime a change is made in operations or ownership, utilities should be checked for unnecessary cost increases.  Professional utility bill analysis verifies that all charges, meter reads and taxes are correct, and that you are on the correct rate plan for future savings. Should an error be identified, we will file the claim with your vendor on your behalf and pursue it until a satisfactory resolution occurs.   Read more…


Demand Response

Vert Energy Group has extensive expertise in designing and implementing effective Demand Response (DR) strategies that earn your business money.  By enrolling in a demand response program, organizations can earn economic incentives by reducing their electricity load at times when the grid is under stress. When demand starts to increase on the hottest or coldest days of the year, demand response programs are activated across the region to help ease the power grid.  Read more…


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Energy Management & Building Modernization

Vert Energy Group helps commercial and industrial building operators develop and implement strategies that save energy, upgrade building equipment and increase property value.

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