Demand Response

Vert Energy Group has extensive expertise in designing and implementing effective Demand Response (DR) strategies that earn your business money.  By enrolling in a demand response program, organizations can earn economic incentives by reducing their electricity load at times when the grid is under stress. When demand starts to increase on the hottest or coldest days of the year, demand response programs are activated across the region to help ease the power grid.


How it Works

Qualifying customers who can reduce power when statewide energy supplies are low can earn financial incentives.  Businesses and institutions can earn monthly payment checks while participating in a demand response program and additional payments every time an event occurs that calls to reduce consumption.  This can result in thousands of dollars per month in incentives by simply enrolling in the program.

In addition, participants can receive a fully funded Energy Management System that automatically shuts down non-essential equipment during demand response events.  A Technical Audit is performed by an accredited Engineering Firm, like Vert Energy Group, who will determine the feasibility of participation in the program without negatively affecting operation or production.


The Benefits

By participating in a Demand Response program your business or organization can help protect your community from blackouts, prevent new power plants from being built, stabilize energy prices, and earn extra income.

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