Energy Efficiency Audits

An Energy Efficiency Audit is a detailed survey and analysis of a building to identify all opportunities to reduce energy and water use.  The end result is a report that lists of savings and improvement opportunities that includes a detailed financial analysis and description for each recommendation.

An energy audit is the first and most a critical step towards understanding how energy is being used, how it is being wasted, and how you can take control of future price increases.  Vert Energy Group engineers conduct their audits in accordance with the high standards developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).


Energy Audit Benefits

  • Defines and analyzes energy efficiency measures (EEM) for the purpose of developing a factual basis for budgeting capital projects.  Energy efficiency measures can include deferred maintenance and equipment replacement, existing system upgrades such VFD’s and  lighting retrofits, installation of new controls, expansion/retro-commissioning of sub-metering systems and other measures.
  • This study includes energy savings calculations, constructability review, construction budget estimates, financial analysis and often also includes designing plans/equipment selection.
  • Creates a “users guide” and technical reference that will be used by the O&M staff to operate the facility more efficiently.
  • Results in a credible road-map for facility modernization wrapped in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Represents a powerful statement of your company’s commitment to sustainability.


Levels of ASHRAE Energy Audits

Level I—Walk- Through Analysis
Assess a building’s energy cost and efficiency by analyzing energy bills and conducting a brief on-site survey of the building. A Level I energy analysis will identify and provide a savings and cost analysis of low-cost/no-cost measures. It will also provide a listing of potential capital improvements that merit further consideration, and an initial judgment of potential costs and savings.

Level II—Energy Survey and Analysis
This includes a more detailed building survey and energy analysis. A breakdown of the energy use within the building is provided. A Level II energy analysis will identify and provide the savings and cost analysis of all practical measures that meet the owner’s constraints and economic criteria, along with a discussion of any changes to operation and maintenance procedures. It may also provide a listing of potential capital-intensive improvements that require more thorough data collection and engineering analysis, and a judgment of potential costs and savings. This level of analysis will be adequate for most buildings and measures.

Level III—Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications
This level of engineering analysis focuses on potential capital-intensive projects identified during the Level II analysis and involves more detailed field data gathering as well as a more rigorous engineering analysis. It provides detailed project cost and savings calculations with a high level of confidence sufficient for major capital investment decisions.


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