Lighting Audit

Lighting audits are great tools for analyzing existing lighting systems and when considering improvements. Your Vert Consultant will conduct a thorough room-by-room study to give the building manager a good look at not only the lighting system, but also how it can be better controlled with dimmers, occupancy sensors, timers and similar products.

Just as important as the energy savings is the ability to maintain, or increase, employee productivity, safety and display of products to customers.  In a retail establishment light is used to attract and influence customers and feature products, while in industrial spaces providing safe and adequate lighting for good productivity and process control is what is important.  Vert Energy Group understands the needs of your facility and will work with you to create an efficient lighting system that saves money and promotes a better work environment.

Is your building over-lit wasting energy?  It is important to measure each room’s illuminance to determine if the appropriate amount of lighting is used.  Here are some sample spaces and illuminance standards set by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).

Activity Illumination
Foot Candles(FC)
Public areas with dark surroundings 2 – 5
Simple orientation for short visits 5 – 10
Working areas where visual tasks are only occasionally performed 10 – 15
Warehouses, Homes, Theaters, Archives 15
Easy Office Work, Classes 25
Normal Office Work, PC Work, Study Library, Groceries, Show Rooms, Laboratories 50
Supermarkets, Mechanical Workshops, Office Landscapes 75
Normal Drawing Work, Detailed Mechanical Workshops, Operation Theatres 1,00
Detailed Drawing Work, Very Detailed Mechanical Works 150 – 200
Performance of visual tasks of low contrast  and very small size for prolonged periods of time 200 – 500
Performance of very prolonged and exacting visual tasks 500 – 1000
Performance of very special visual tasks of extremely low contrast and small size 1000 – 2000

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