Motor Management Plan

Having a plan for maintaining, replacing and upgrading motors is an essential part of a plant’s energy management strategy.  It helps to support long-term motor system energy savings ensures that motor failures are handled quickly and cost effectively.  Developing this plan will help you solve the problems that frequently occur when an integral part of your operations is halted due to a motor failing.

Vert Energy Group will help you evaluate motor repair and replacement options, promote cost-effective applications for repair, and support the development of motor management plans before motors fail.  Our strategy includes:


  1. Creating a motor survey and tracking program
  2. Developing guidelines for proactive repair/replace decisions
  3. Preparing for motor failure by creating a spares inventory
  4. Developing a purchasing specification
  5. Developing a repair specification
  6. Developing and implementing a predictive and preventive maintenance program

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Energy Management & Building Modernization

Vert Energy Group helps commercial and industrial building operators develop and implement strategies that save energy, upgrade building equipment and increase property value.

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