Non-Residential Solar

Non-Residential Solar PV Systems

Are you considering solar energy for your commercial property?  With current State, Federal and Utility rebate programs, the time has never been better for a free evaluation to see if your building qualifies. Renewable energy is not only good for the environment, but also your bottom line profit margin.

  • Economic benefit – Offset and reduce current utility bills and add value to your property
  • Environmental benefit – Reduce your building’s carbon footprint
  • Public Relations benefit – Generate goodwill by promoting renewable, sustainable and clean energy
  • Competitive benefit – Create a competitive advantage through reduced operating expenses and increased marketability

Currently, government rebates and tax incentives can subsidize nearly half the cost of a solar system.  However, these incentives are rapidly decreasing as more and more businesses use the allocated funds.  Vert Energy Group can assist help your commercial building design, install and realize the benefits from a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system!  Call 800.585.2690 or click here to request a solar quote.


Solar PV System Benefits

In less than one hour, enough solar energy hits the earth to meet the world’s energy needs for an entire year.  By harnessing just a small portion of this abundant energy source, solar power technology significantly reduces the financial and environmental costs of generating and using conventional electricity.

There are many reasons to go solar – to save money, help the environment, or to attract new business – and it is now simpler and more affordable than ever.

1.   Financial Benefits

Through advances in technology and local government rebates, solar energy is now a smart financial investment. Current solar energy rebates can cut the cost of system by half, making it the best time ever to buy solar. Solar energy not only hedges against rising electricity costs, but also increases property value.

2.   Environmental Benefits

By using solar energy, we reduce air emissions of particulates, carbon dioxide, and other harmful elements resulting in lower greenhouse gases, reduced acid rain, and lower smog levels.

3.   Energy Independence

Instead of purchasing electricity from the utility company, with solar energy you own the electricity you produce.  Electricity rates rise every year, and if you are dependent on the power company, your bills will increase proportionally.  Be your own power company and avoid continuous rate increases.

4. Net Metering

Solar energy will allow your meter to spin backwards during times when the system produces more than the building is using.  During these times your business has the ability to sell back this excess electricity to the utility that can potentially zero-out the electric bill (see the below for an example).

5.   Be An Example, Go Green

By using Solar Energy, your business is expressing a compassion for the environment and community around you.  More and more people are coming to appreciate the energy and environmental problem prevalent in today’s world and will recognize your effort to make the world a better place.  As a business, this will differentiate you from your competitor, and may be the tipping point to drive their business to you.


How Solar PV Systems Work

Solar Photovoltaic, commonly known as PV Panels, have progressed significantly over the years.  Originally used in small applications, such as single cell powered calculators, PV Panels have evolved for use in much larger applications that can power an entire building.  Sunlight is converted into electricity through photovoltaic cells and turned into clean and useful energy that can be used for everyday applications such as powering lights or a computer.

See the video below for a brief overview of this technology (courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy).


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